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Life is motion, and the better we control that motion, the greater our daily functioning will be. Excellent posture, combined with graceful movement patterns allow us to more easily accomplish our daily tasks. We can move about with significantly less chance of injury, and tremendously improve our levels of confidence and self esteem. With pilates exercise we become conscious of our bodies; and our bodies in turn will be deeply thankful for the new awareness.

Classes and Equipment

Pilates on Main offers Solo and Duet private training as well as Trio Machine Classes, and Small Group Mat Classes. The Studio features state of the art equipment made by Stott Pilates (Merrithew Fitness): we have 3 Professional Reformers, 3 Towers with Raised Mats, a spine corrector and arc barrel, stability balls, foam rollers, resistabands, resistance tubing and free weights.  We also provide various foam cushions to aid with alignment and comfort during class. Pilates on Main is a light, open and quiet studio that enhances your workout experience.. An optimal learning environment is created to nurture your focus, willpower, and grace of movement. Ultimately you will become more attuned to your posture, develop better movement habits though the day and achieve superior overall health.  But it is also  a fun place!   You will complete your session feeling energized and invigorated, inspired to have a great day!

reformers and towers at Pilates on Main
Pilates on Main, Gardiner, NY

Mission Statement

Pilates on Main will provide a nurturing and welcoming environment for clients to practice pilates.  Our pilates instructors will be competent and enthusiastic, they will take pride in their craft, and they will demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and empathy towards their clients at all times.  It is our hope that each client, by deepening their pilates practice, will be inspired to make exercise and their complete overall health a true centerpiece of their lives.

Feel Younger   Stand Taller    Be Stronger =  Live Well

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