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Live a Healthy Lifestyle with 5 Essential Habits We Can All Do

Here is a quick reminder of 5 essential habits, that are easily doable, and that you can immediately adopt into your life:

Healthy Breathing: the First Key to Healthy Being

Every hour or so take 3 really good healthy breaths. Practice it! Breathing is the basis of everything! Try this: sit up straight in your chair, and take a full breath through your nose, and feel your ribs expanding sideways. Now exhale through your mouth, pull in your navel a little, and really expel the air. Inhale again through your nose and feel the breath flowing up your spine, lengthening your spine to its fullest height. Now exhale out your mouth again and maintain this new found height. Breathe in fluidly one more time and feel your chest opening up; try to be conscious of this breath pattern through the day: ribcage inflated, spine lengthened, chest open. Intentional healthy breathing will invariably calm you down, give you a shot of energy, and help you perform your work at your very best!

Healthy Posture: Stand Up Straight for a Healthier You

Whether you are sitting, standing, or moving, good posture is essential for optimum health! Try this: Simply stand against a wall and feel your tail bone, the middle of your back, and the back of your head against the wall. If this is difficult, you have some work to do! So practice adjusting your posture as often as you can. When sitting at your desk, position your ears are directly above shoulders, and your shoulders are directly over your hips. Maintain this posture as you stand and move.

  • Healthy Posture Tip: Try the Get Fit with Dave posture video. The more you practice the movements in this video each day (done right at your desk for 9 minutes) the more you strengthen your spine, and the more your spine stays alert to good posture. Result: Your body works better! There will be far less wear and tear on your joints through the day. Most importantly you will feel better, and feel like moving more.

Healthy Momentum: Get Moving

Now, why not take that good posture and put it to use? Some studies say we should be aiming for 8000 steps a day. Sounds like a lot, but you will be surprised how many steps you take if you simply decide to move more!  And why should we move more? Why not take the car, or simply not bother? Simply because you will feel better, and enjoy better health! Your joints need to move to stay healthy and vital. An inactive joint becomes stiff and fatigues more quickly. The muscles around the joint atrophy and lose their resilience. Soon the body does not feel like moving. But the body craves movement, you just have to give it the impetus to start!

Healthy Momentum Tip: Try this. Stand up. Squat back down on your chair. Do this 5-10 times. Can you move up and down using only your legs and not your hands? Now get walking: walk around your house, around the block, to your local grocery store. Gradually increase your distance. Take the time to feel your legs, organize your thoughts and show off that tremendous posture! Once movement becomes a habit you will start noticing some pleasing things: you will have more energy, your torso will look and feel longer, and your body will gravitate towards its ideal body weight.

Healthy Eating: Lifestyle Choices That Taste Great

There is no excuse not to enjoy a healthy amount of nutritious vegetables and fruits in our diets. Include a banana with your breakfast, pack an apple or carrots, or better yet some blueberries for a mid-day snack, and make the color green a staple in your diet.  And please reduce the crap food! Minimize chips and chocolate bars, and eliminate soda completely.  Have that well deserved glass of wine at the end of the day, but do so in moderation. Understand that what you put into your body corresponds precisely to what you are able to accomplish with your body and brain! Eat well, and you’ll feel the difference, physically and mentally, so you’ll accomplish more in life. Remember, your body is a shrine for all that is you, protect it, feed it well, and it will reward you.

Healthy Outlook: Lifestyle Changes are About Attitude, Attitude, Attitude.

Your aura, the impression you project to your world, is discernible to those you interact with on a daily basis, as well as to people meeting you for the first time. You will make a better impression by exhibiting exceptional posture and conveying positive statements in conversation as often as you can. By choosing to be truly present when we speak with people‑‑and that means lifting up our spines, making eye contact, and acknowledging what other people are saying and feeling‑‑we send a clear message that we care about them and ourselves! By carrying through with a healthy lifestyle and by practicing the basic healthy principles in this article, you are making a choice to better yourself, and allowing yourself to truly perform at your best. Don’t underestimate yourself! Sense what you are capable of and go for it.