How to Improve Posture

Why have Better Posture?

A Simple question that deserves a simple answer: Every moment of your life various muscles are working in your body. Even while sleeping. Your muscles keep you sitting up, standing up, and moving all day long. In other words there is always some degree of “wear and tear” ongoing in your body. It is how you limit that wear and tear that will determine in large part not simply how long your body will last, but how well it will last.

It is essential that the right muscles are working well to have and maintain good posture. We need the deep, smaller muscles of the spine and pelvis to be working well, To be Really Alive and Functioning Fabulously! When this is happening we significantly eliminate strain, and wear and tear on the body!

If your Deep Muscles are working well-that is your spine and pelvic muscles-you have the right muscles stabilizing you, and you will have better posture. You have the right muscles controlling wear and tear on your body, and therefore you should live healthier and move better!

If you have the wrong muscles working too hard (bigger, peripheral muscles like in your chest and shoulders) in an effort to stabilize you and maintain posture: the body fatigues prematurely, pain develops, and ultimately you don’t feel like moving and exercising your body!

Here is the sequence: Poor posture = Too much wear and tear on the body (deep muscles not working adequately) = Pain develops= Motivation to exercise wains = Our Health suffers with reduced exercise = Over time serious health issues may arise.

Stop this needless cycle! Start moving your spine today! Get Fit with Dave!

Better Sequence: Exercise to improve posture = Start to feel better and body functions better = Motivation to exercise and move more increases = Your health improves dramatically =

Overall lifestyle of healthy living and well being is created and maintained!

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