Posture Exercises

 Want to have more energy and not feel so stiff and fatigued at the end of your working day?

Put some energy and life in your spine! Take some time to move your spine during the day (every one to two hours),and you will not only improve your posture, but improve your feelings of well being and your overall health.

Try these posture improvement exercises:

  • Sitting up very tall at your desk, feel your spine vertical with your shoulders directly above your hips, and your ears directly above your shoulders. Let’s call this neutral position. Bow your head down (chin toward chest), and feel the stretch  in the back of your neck and upper spine. Now here is the important part: lift your head back up slowly, moving from your upper spine to the tip top of your neck segment by segment (the vertebrae of your spine). Your spine should feel elongated, and your head aligned perfectly over your body. Check yourself constantly at your work, that you are maintaining this neutral position.
  • Now reverse the movement: again sitting up very tall in our neutral position, I want you to lift your chest toward the ceiling, arching your upper spine backwards. Try to really feel your upper spine muscles working. Now again the important part! Lift your spine back to neutral segment by segment: moving from the middle of your spine to the tip top of your neck. Your spine should feel elongated, and your upper spine muscles exerted.

For some more help keeping your brilliant posture go to Body Posture page, and check out the Get Fit with Dave posture video, that can be done right at your desk.

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