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Group Classes

A nurturing, supportive and uplifting environment is created in a pilates group mat class; indeed the power of the group is truly amazing in motivating and inspiring people to achieve their health and fitness goals. As many client specific corrections and praises will be given during the course of class.

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Class Size

Because of the specific nature of the pilates technique, class sizes are limited to ensure each student’s form and technique is well monitored. Pilates group classes move the spine in all planes of spinal movement (flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral flexion), thus a thorough overall workout for the muscles that move and hold the spine is achieved. In other words your abs and back muscles will be engaged and you will feel it!


In addition, small prop equipment (such as stability balls, resistance bands and tubing, fitness circles, and dumbbell weights), side lying exercises, and standing exercises are  incorporated into class to achieve a balanced and optimal workout.

pilates on main studio in gardiner, ny
reformers and raised mats for group pilates classes

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