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David Loewen, Certified Pilates InstructorDavid Loewen

David Loewen is a pilates professional with over 23 years experience in fitness and movement training. Certified in the Stott pilates method of body conditioning, and a graduate of the University of Calgary (BA in French/Dance), David brings a lifetime of athletic achievement and client success to his work. David and his wife Melissa Bierstock ran From the Center pilates studio in Toronto, Canada from 2001 – 2007, and since 2007 David has built Pilates on Main into a successful business valued by the local community.

(STOTT PILATES Co-Founded and developed by Moira and Lindsay G. Merrithew, along with a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, combines modern exercise principles with the original teachings of Joseph Pilates, www.stott pilates.com).

David works with a broad and diverse range of clientele: from pre teen to senior, from deconditioned individual to elite level athlete, David’s strength lies in identifying and implementing an effective manner to train each individual client. No two clients are alike and understanding each client’s “psychology” fuels the most precise and beneficial workout. Ultimately, David hopes to inspire each client to truly value their health, and make pilates, and exercise, an essential part of their lives.

David has honed his teaching skills through years of teaching and professional development, as well as professional dancing (jazz, ballet and hip hop) and his sports training as an elite level hockey player. David appreciates both ends of the athletic spectrum, and cherishes the opportunity to create specific programs designed to meet the goals and objectives of each individual client.

David has enjoyed living in Ulster County, New York for seven years, after moving to the area from Toronto, Ontario. Besides teaching pilates he enjoys a busy life with his wife Melissa and their two children Emma and Eli. It is a true joy to play full out with his children and it is no coincidence that pilates exercise significantly increases his ability to so. David is an avid alpine skier, and enjoys many sports and activities most notably tennis, running, dance and teaching fitness classes. He leads a healthy and happy lifestyle, and he looks forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals at Pilates on Main.

Melissa Bierstock, Pilates InstructorMelissa Bierstock has been studying dance and movement since she began taking ballet classes at the age of four. Her training began here in the hudson Valley at The Anne Herbard School of Ballet and later included The Jofferey Ballet School, The Pennsylvania Ballet School, The North Carolina School of the Arts and New York’s Bard College, where she holds a B.A. in Dance History, Religion and Philosophy. Melissa moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and in 1996 became certified in the internationally recognized Stott Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. During that time, she taught Pilates for the University of Toronto, The Studio Pilates and The Sports Clubs of Canada. In 2001, with the help of her husband/co-owner, David Loewen, she opened From the Center Pilates Studio, a fully equipped pilates facility in downtown Toronto. Melissa has been the personal pilates instructor to numerous members of The National Ballet of Canada, as well as actors, singers and professional athletes, and is frequently referred to by physical therapists for post-rehabilitative exercise therapy. Melissa is pleased to be recognized for having an intuitive “eye” for personal corrections and a unique perspective on pilates as a modality for both healing injury and honing athletic skill.

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